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  1. How can I make my Squarespace website stand out?

    Setting yourself apart from the competition is critical in this day and age. And sometimes that is as simple as making your Squarespace site stand out. To do this we offer dozens of widgets and plugins coded with JAVA, Html, and CSS to give you a solution that will make your page stand apart. Simply, click on our “Demo” tab above to see a live presentation of all the different plugins we offer. 


  2. Why is my custom code not working when I first open a page? But then shows when I refresh the page?

    This is a common issue especially if you are using Safari as your main browser. Do not panic—simply delete your history (including your cache) and then “hard refresh” your page. This should solve any reoccurring issues you have with reload issues. If there continues to be a problem do not hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service specialists

  3. How can I add hover effects to my images with CSS?

    We can help. We actually have a number of code that can aid you in making your images stand out. Just go up to our search bar and type in “image overlay” and you will be provided with every plugin we have. 

  4. Can I add custom code on checkout pages?

    To maintain the highest security of your financials we sadly do not have code that hacks your check out process. As Squarespace themes and templates evolve we are hoping to have solutions to this problem in the near future. 

  5. Video background on Cover Page?

    At this time, we do not offer Video widgets. Code is available allowing most Squarespace templates to have videos but unfortunately we do not offer that service at this time. 

  6. Can I have multiple codes / plugins on one page?

    Yes, you can. Our widgets are built in such a manner to allow multiple customized code to be integrated into each page. However, we do not offer customer service or this confidence if you are mixing other providers’ code with ours. We can not guarantee that code from our competitors will not mess with our plugins. If this does happen, please reach out to our customer service department for further assistance.

  7. What do I do if my customized code is not working?

    We have trained professionals working around the clock to aid our customer’s needs. If you have any issues with our plugins do not hesitate to reach out to one of our developers and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. 

  8. Does Squareplugs code work on tablets and mobile devices as well?

    Yes, all of our code is optimized to work on all devices. However, due to there not being a mouse / cursor on mobile and tablet devices some hover effects functionality will differ from the demo version. In these scenarios, the hover effect will function when your image is tapped once, which is standard with most code whether for Squarespace, Wordpress, or other website builders. When you double-tap an image the attached link will then be activated. 

  9. Can I use multiple image overlays on the same page?

    Yes, you can! All of our code uses JAVA, Html, CSS, and more to allow you to tag individual images with custom code. Therefore, you can have every single image overlay plugin we offer simultaneously working on the same Squarespace page. 

  10. Do image overlay plugins and widgets work for galleries and vice-versa?

    Unfortunately, at this time code for image overlays do not work for Gallery Blocks and gallery plugins do not work on individual Image Blocks. 

  11. Can I get a refund for Squarespace code that doesn’t work?

    Yes. We are always willing to issue a refund if the code is not working as advertised. But before we can issue a refund you must reach out to our customer service professionals to trouble-shoot the issue. If that does not solve the problem we would be more than happy to give a refund for the non-functioning code. If you receive a refund, by law, you may not reuse and redistribute the code initially purchased. 


  12. Does the Particle Animation plugin work on every page? 

    The Particle Animation is made to work as the header animation of the main page of your website, but there is also code in our instructions that allows you to customize the code, making it usable anywhere you inject it on other pages. 


  13. How customizable is Squareplugs code? 

    All of our plugins have code that is customizable. However, every plugin is different and therefore has some features that are customizable and others that are not. If you have a specific question about the capabilities of a particular plugin, please reach out to our customer service specialists before purchasing a code. Also, if you are feeling savvy, feel free to adjust our code to your liking—however, do this at your own risk. 


  14. Do Button Hover animations work across the entire site?

    Button animations can work across the entire site or on one particular page. The settings can me changed and adjusted to your liking. However, the button animations can not applied to the checkout area of the site. All animations do not work in this area. But if you want to change the color of the button you may do so by going to the "Style Editor" feature provided by Squarespace.  


  15. How much Code Injection is available on Squarespace templates? 

    You may inject code into the body of any text block or into the header and footer of any Squarespace theme. To add CSS to a Code Injection field, surround the code with <style></style> tags. To add JavaScript, surround the code with <script></script> tags. Most CSS and JavaScript is free and can be found by doing a simple google search. Here is a site with some valuable tips and code to get you started, W3Schools. Also check out Squarespace's support page on Code Injection for more information and help. 


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