Refunds will not be accepted unless the product was faulty due to developer error. For a product to be considered faulty it must be the for following reason: broken code resulting in the product not working as advertised.


1. Contact

To request for a refund, contact us with the following in the subject line "Return Request".  Please provide a brief description about why you're requesting a return.

2. Inspection

Upon receiving the email, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the code. If the result prove that the product was faulty, then you will be eligible for a full return of that purchase.

3. Refund

If we decide that the code is faulty we will refund your purchase within 7 business days. If a refund is made, any code from the purchase must be removed from any website and refrained from any future use unless repurchased. You must also destroy any downloaded materials related to the purchase whether in electronic or printed format.

REFUSAL OF A RETURN retain the right to deny a return requested based on suspected misuse of the return policy or a problem that was outside of its control, such as a product being unusable as a result of changes made to Squarespace’s codebase or incompatibility with other codes purchased elsewhere.